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Social Dance Practice Music

These Spotify playlists include most of the music played in class (although not all of the songs are on Spotify). Within each playlist, songs are ordered by tempo with the slowest song first.

Tip: To open a playlist on your computer, drag and drop one of the following links on top of your Spotify application!

American Tango
Argentine Tango (Traditional)
Argentine Tango (Alternative)
Bachata 120-135 BPM
Blues (Basics)
Blues (Swingable)
Blues (Call and Response)
Bluesy Waltz (Slow)
Bluesy Waltz (Mid)
Cha Cha (Slow) 100-110 BPM
Cha Cha (Mid) 110-120 BPM
Cha Cha (Fast) 120-130 BPM
Charleston (Slow) 150-165 BPM
Charleston (Mid) 165-180 BPM
Charleston (Fast) 180-210 BPM
Country Waltz (Slow) 90-110 BPM
Country Waltz (Mid) 110-130 BPM
Cross-Step Waltz (Slow) 100-110 BPM
Cross-Step Waltz (Mid) 110-120 BPM
Cross-Step Waltz (Fast) 120-130 BPM
Foxtrot (Mid)
Hustle (Slow) 90-110 BPM
Hustle (Mid) 110-120 BPM
Hustle (Fast) 120-130 BPM
Merengue 125-135 BPM
Night Club Two-Step (Slow) 65-75 BPM
Night Club Two-Step (Mid) 75-85 BPM
Night Club Two-Step (Fast) 85-100 BPM
Night Club Two-Step (6/8 rhythm)
One-Step (Slow Country) 100-115 BPM
One-Step (Slow Alternative) 100-115 BPM
One-Step (Mid Country) 115-125 BPM
One-Step (Mid Alternative) 115-125 BPM
One-Step (Fast Country) 125-140 BPM
One-Step (Fast Alternative) 125-140 BPM
Polka (Slow) 100-115 BPM
Polka (Mid) 115-125 BPM
Rotary Waltz (Slow) 125-140 BPM
Rotary Waltz (Mid) 140-160 BPM
Rotary Waltz (Mid/Fast) 160-180 BPM
Rotary Waltz (Fast) 180-200 BPM
Rumba (Slow) 90-100 BPM
Rumba (Mid) 100-110 BPM
Rumba (Fast) 110-120 BPM
Salsa (Slow) 165-180 BPM
Salsa (Mid) 180-190 BPM
Salsa (Fast) 190-210 BPM
Samba (Slow) 95-110 BPM
Samba (Mid) 110-120 BPM
Samba (Fast) 120-135 BPM
Schottische (Slow) 125-150 BPM
Schottische (Mid) 150-160 BPM
Schottische (Fast) 160-180 BPM
Slow Waltz 85-99 BPM
Street Swing
Swing (Slow) 105-135 BPM
Swing (Mid) 135-155 BPM
Swing (Mid/Fast) 155-180 BPM
Triple Two-Step (Country)
Triple Two-Step (Alternative)
Two-Step (Slow Country) 70-80 BPM
Two-Step (Mid Country) 80-90 BPM
Two-Step (Fast Country) 90-100 BPM
West Coast Swing (Slow) 80-95 BPM
West Coast Swing (Mid) 95-110 BPM
West Coast Swing (Fast) 110-120 BPM
West Coast Swing (Bluesy)

Mixers and Line Dances

More Playlists

*Note: Many of the preview links require a UT EID to listen. We're working on updating these so everyone can preview the songs!

Within each playlist, songs are ordered by tempo and marked with their approximate Beats Per Minute (BPM). BPM Counter